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About me


Ella Street is an up and coming fashion designer based in London, currently enrolled at the prestigious UAL: London College of Fashion. In her work Ella attempts to push the boundaries both in terms of concept and materials, while also focusing on the key ideas of sustainability and diversity, which dominate the industry.

Ella’s practice revolves around an innovative and futuristic type of couture, while also intermingling elements of streetwear into her designs. In her most recent project, the designer engaged with thermochromatic materials considering how human interaction and physical contact can alter both the shape and aesthetic of the garment. This highlights Ella’s ambition in using forward - thinking and original materials.

Ella is also a passionate illustrator and artist, particularly enjoying drawing as a means of expressing the underlying emotions, which proliferate both her more methodical design work and physical garments.

In the future Ella hopes to establish her own brand and this website is a gateway to doing that. She is thrilled to give you insight into her design process and outcomes.


BA Honours Fashion Design and Development at UAL:London College of Fashion 2018 - 2022

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